iOS In-Store Kiosk

UX/UI Design

This was part of a campaign that was started to place iOS driven kiosks in-stores around the US (and eventually globally) that would allow in-store patrons to browse information about the products they were interested in, including finish options, specifications of the product, and general details (including reviews).  The UI compositions were given in multiple options, from product-centric pages to the general workflow of the interface.  The examples above were part of a series of options and themes that could have been used.

iOS Kiosk App Workflow

The basic workflow of the iOS kiosk app to demonstrate how the app can narrow down a product information search.

Product Selection Screen v1

A section of the kiosk app where you can select your product with various sorting options.

Product Selection Screen v2

A darker alternative layout for the product selection screen.

Product Page

A primary product landing page that displays detailed information on your selected product.

Specs Page

A layout that features quick, easy to read specifications of any given selected product.