G Force

Microsite and Logo Design

The Gibson G FORCE is a robotic tuning device that was released several years ago and has been incorporated into several lines of guitars including the current 2017 line of “High Performance” guitars.  The microsite, while small in stature, was created as a quick repository for people to download documentation for the device.  An infographic was created prior as a teaser as well as the “teaser microsite” images above.  

Marketing Still / New Logo

A Simple marketing still and logo redesign that reflect the rebranded MinETune as the new G Force.

Microsite Layout

Layout ideas for the G Force microsite that was accessible as a tool for G Force tuner owners as well as to be used as a marketing tool.

Logo Design Ideas

Taking previous direction for the entire campaign, these are a few of the logo design ideas for the newly rebranded MinETune.